Countly on Heroku

Countly is a self hosted analytics application with a gorgeous interface. I have been testing it for a month now, and although it is still very simple, it is great on what it does.

It is still a very simple analytics tool, far from replacing tools like Flurry. But it has a lot of potential and a very aggressive roadmap.

The server side is a Node.JS application, so I thought it would be great to host it on Heroku

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iOS design tips

I am no designer, but I usually forget that and always get my hands dirty trying to do do some design. I believe design is at least 50% of an app, because of that I already lost the count on how many apps I bought just because of their beautiful design, it's like collecting paitings.

Over the years I gathered a few tools that help me when trying to create iOS apps, believe me, this will make your life a

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